Plastic Caps

East Coast Plastic is custom manufacture of large quantities of round caps in any color from 1/8 inch to 3 inch inside diameter. We also make square and rectangular caps. We have an inclusive range of all colors. These caps are made from pliable vinyl and can stretch to fit and are ideal protectors for many different type of applications.

They are tough, industrial strength caps which are resistant to tearing and cracking. Formulations that are either flame retardant or suitable for long term outdoor use are available.

The number of applications for these types of caps is limitless. They can be used to protect parts during shipments, they can be used as masking in many types of finishing operations, they can be used in many types of applications to provide a safety covering on sharp metal posts, whether in retail displays or outdoor in the marine industry as dock caps.

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Protective, Dock, Post, & Display Caps

Rectangular Cap

Small Caps

Textured Caps

The appearance can be smooth, textured, glossy or dull to meet the decorative or functional requirements of the end use. We can make orders for as small as a few hundred caps or as large as 100,000 caps. Currently we produce over 1,000,000 caps per year. Please contact us to let us know what your requirements are and we would be glad to provide you with samples, estimates and delivery time.