Electrical Insulation

East Coast Plastic can coat various types of metal parts to provide electrical insulation. We use either PVC or epoxy coatings to provide electrical insulation depending upon the application.

Types of items that would require electrical insulation include:

  • Hand Tools
  • Bus Bars
  • Battery Clamps
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Crimping tools
  • Switches of Various types
  • Insulated Power Connections

The PVC coating can have a dielectric strength of up to 2000 volts/mil.

The hand tools that we coat are compliant with ASTM F1505. ( View ASTM Specification HERE )

We have the ability to perform electrical arc resistance using a Hypot tester.

East Coast is expert in insulating various types of component using plastisol as an electrical insulator. Plastisol has a very high di-electric strength making it ideal for use as an insulating material.